Get Your Office Ready For Winter

Get Your Office Ready For Winter

It’s time for establishments like shops, offices, and other facilities to be ready for the winter and any threats it may bring, especially in places where there is a lot of ice and snow. JP Salt Lake City Commercial Cleaning is aware that the winter presents unique challenges and that you want to ensure the safety of your personnel, clients, and visitors all year long. Learn how to prepare for winter in business settings before you flip the thermostat from cool to heat to guarantee the safety of all of your employees this winter.

Consider winter HVAC cleaning

Clean ducting, vents, registers, coils, drain pans, and other components, as well as the repair of your HVAC filters, will help your personnel and anybody else who spends time in your building. We, therefore, advise having your commercial building’s HVAC system checked annually before winter and, if necessary, having the ducts cleaned. It’s crucial to maintain clean HVAC filters, vents, and ductwork for proper air movement and ventilation.

Prepare your fall-recovery strategies.

Melting snow and ice outside can quickly turn harmful if they are transported inside your building or piled there. Preparing for slip and fall situations before the winter weather hits, both indoors and outdoors, is the easiest approach to prevent them at work. Schedule routine snow removal services outside to keep parking lots, walkways, and paths as clear of snow as feasible. Uphold a policy for salting or sanding ice surfaces to reduce the possibility of slips and falls on the property. Use non-slip mats at each entrance to prevent melted snow and ice from covering the inside flooring. To help maintain safe environments and further reduce the chance of avoidable accidents, schedule routine office janitorial services when you’re too busy to handle the cleaning yourself.

Frequently Eliminating Ice Salt

Using ice melt and salt, it is quite simple to stay away from outdoor slippery areas throughout the winter. However, these compounds are easily dragged indoors on shoes and rolled-up bags, leaving unattractive white stains and even ruining your floors. Regularly removing ice salt from your floors will keep your carpet, hardwood, tile, and other flooring materials looking gorgeous. Whether you forgot to get ready for winter or just need a little help keeping up, JP Salt Lake City Commercial Cleaning’s knowledgeable professional janitorial teams can help keep your floors pristine throughout the whole season. We are aware of how important it is for your business to always present itself immaculately and to be secure, particularly during the severe winter weather. You can count on the team at JP Salt Lake City Commercial Cleaning to help you get ready for winter this year by giving us the responsibility of handling all of your company’s housekeeping needs. We are aware of what it takes to keep a firm looking good all year round. Call us right away to find out more and to schedule your first winter cleaning.