What is in Our Dirty Carpets?

What is in Our Dirty Carpets?

Entering a workplace and seeing soiled, worn-out, and unclean carpets might be unnerving. Aside from being unappealing on the surface, this may harm the health and welfare of individuals who visit it.

So, let’s look at what can be hidden under your office carpets.

Dirt and debris

Dirt, gravel, and other particles are carried into the facility daily as people enter and go. This will get lodged in the tiny threads of the carpet and accumulate over time. This results in discolored stains in high-traffic areas and causes the carpet to wear out faster. Dirt is very abrasive and 

quickly wears down carpet fibers, especially if people walk on it all day.

Bacteria and viruses

Unclean carpets may be a haven for a variety of bacteria; most are harmless, but others can be quite harmful. For instance, a dirty carpet may harbor the stomach flu-causing Norovirus for up to a month!


Carpets often contain flower and plant pollen, particularly in the summer and fall. People will bring a lot of pollen in as they enter and leave the workplace since most people come to work between 5 and 10 in the morning when pollen counts are at their highest. Both windows and doors will let it in and land on the carpet.

Mould and spores

Mold might grow on your carpet. All mold need is a location to grow, some oxygen, humidity, and food. All of these components may be found in dirty carpets. If you see mildew or dampness from your carpet, mold may be present. If you’ve detected a peculiar mildew stench but can’t figure out what’s causing it, it’s time for a carpet cleaning.

Dust mites

Dust mites exist in your home and workplace, but you can’t see them without a microscope. They feed on the millions of dead-skill cells that humans lose every day. The mite is harmless, but its feces irritate humans and may cause allergies and other problems.

Food and drink spills

Food and drink are often thrown about staff kitchens or eaten by workers at their workstations. There will probably be a coffee stain or some leftover food on the carpet since only some in the workplace are exceptional at cleaning up after themselves.

All of these factors might be causing health problems at your workplace. These might include:

Skin problems

Different allergens present in unclean carpets may cause skin irritation. Itching, swelling, or red areas may develop.


In addition to producing skin reactions, these allergens may cause other types of allergy flare-ups. In addition to watery eyes, sneezing, and general exhaustion, they may result in hay fever and sinus issues.

Respiratory illness

One of the most severe health problems caused by unclean carpets is asthma. After becoming airborne, allergens and bacteria in the carpet are breathed into the lungs. This may trigger asthma episodes, flu-like symptoms, and coughing.

Weakened immune system

Mycotoxins are microscopic poisons generated by fungi. Chronic exposure to mycotoxins weakens your immune system if you have a fungal issue in your carpet.

Who knew a dirty carpet could be so hazardous?! What you can do is listed below. Keep your carpet in good condition and reduce the risk of health complications:

Replace the old, worn-out carpet.

When the carpet has to be replaced, it is simple to tell. It will be discolored, threadbare, sometimes stinky, and overall sad. Carpet has a long lifespan and might have been collecting dirt and dust for decades! When the time comes to replace it, choose a carpet made of natural fibers such as cotton or hemp. While synthetic carpets are softer, they also gather and retain more allergens.

Use a HEPA filter vacuum.

The best solution for preventing dust, filth, mites, and other allergens from entering your carpet is HEPA filters. Less allergens are trapped in carpets or moving through the air since they are designed to take up the tiniest particles that ordinary vacuums could miss.

Hire a professional

A filthy and unclean carpet might be detrimental to the health of your staff. JP Salt Lake City Commercial Cleaning offers carpet cleaning services to improve the environment at your workplace. Our business carpet cleaning may be planned as a one-time service or as part of an ongoing arrangement to maintain your carpets clean over the long term. Get in touch with us right now for further details.