01.4 - issues a cleaning company should avoid

6 Mistakes A Commercial Cleaning Company Must Avoid

Risking Your Marketing’s Success

Do not neglect to advertise the cleaning services you provide to clients while working nonstop. If you neglect your marketing, it will be difficult for you to grow your company.

Make a website for your business. Because most of your customers will find you online, make sure your website is professional-looking. Make sure your website has a contact page so that people can easily get in touch with you.

Turn on social media. Chat room visits are time well spent. Someone is much more likely to become your customer if they like and trust you.

Create a mailing list. Your clients can be your company’s most important asset. These are the individuals that have already shown interest in hiring you. Obtaining their email addresses will allow you to continue to directly promote them.

Neglecting the Results

How can you know if your work is of a high caliber? By asking your clients to submit surveys when each contract is finished, you may accomplish this rapidly. No need to go into great detail.

Never give anything a number between one and ten. That would be difficult because they all have different ideas of what a 10 is.

Instead, to ascertain your position, ask them a few simple questions. What percentage of your expectations were met by our window cleaning services? What elements of our cleaning business could we improve? What elements of our cleaning business might we strengthen to promote our services more effectively? Both questions are worthwhile to consider.

Having No Priorities

If you are spending a lot of time on administrative tasks, you are probably working more hours than is necessary. Modern technology has made automation easy. Utilize scheduling software to provide your team members the choice of mobile check-in and check-out. There is no need for timesheets or a timeclock.

Payroll automation is easy. You can monitor labor costs because the software will take care of the recordkeeping.

You can track all company vehicles with fleet monitoring software. Utilize applications that let users book appointments and manage their own bill payments. Your work will be done considerably more quickly.

Communication Errors between You and the Client

Customer needs must be considered. It is essential to give a thorough description of your target market because you can never know enough about it.

Ask the people who work for you some questions. Look at the employers of your competitors. The more information you have, the easier it will be to market your services. 

It’s not enough to just walk up to the owner of a building.

What kind of business are they? Do they usually have patrons? Are they a newly founded or recently established business? What kind of cleaning budget do they have?

knowledge’s influence. Learn as much as you can about your target market to improve your chances of success.

Relationships Are Neglected

Since it costs money to bring on new customers, you should do all in your power to keep them on board for as long as you can. Additionally, maintaining existing customers is far easier than acquiring new ones. You might be able to keep your clientele if you work for a franchised household cleaning company or a commercial cleaning service, for example, by making a few minor, achievable alterations to your technique.

Always respond as soon as you can to phone calls and emails. They dislike it when you spend too much time alone with a customer since it gives the impression that you are careless. Within a day, try to answer consumer inquiries. They will appreciate and respect you more as a result of your fast communication with them.

Be punctual at all times. Your dependability and dedication to fulfilling your promise are shown by this. To save them from having to clean, your clients hire you to do it for them. Make sure they have nothing to worry about to earn their trust.

Paying Inactive Employees

A crucial aspect of team management is making certain that everyone gets along. If a team member’s bad attitude negatively affects the other team members, you might need to fire them. It doesn’t matter if they are productive employees or not. Your company’s success must be your primary priority, which calls for a strong team.

However, you might also have a worker who works slowly or ineffectively. You don’t have to hire someone just because they have great character.

Crew members must dedicate the appropriate training time to learning their jobs, whether they work full- or part-time hours. Determine the best onboarding time for a new employee. If it takes too long for them to get along with the other team members, you must let them depart.

Even though it could be difficult, you as a small business owner must act in the best interests of the community.