Are you seeking methods to maintain your living room tidy in 2023? You’ve come to the correct location! You devote a significant amount of time to your living room relaxing, building memories, and spending time with family and friends. Likewise, if you put in a lot of time here, you know how fast things can get out of hand! Check out JP Salt Lake City Commercial Cleaning’s 10 cleaning and maintenance tips for your living room in the next year. We hope you find these tips beneficial and can incorporate them into your daily life, allowing you to enhance the atmosphere of your living space while continuing to make memories!

1. Donate or resell what you don’t use.

If you’re still reading, you have at least one thing in your living room (or closet) that hasn’t been used in a while. Maybe you got it as a present and didn’t like it, or maybe you bought it on a whim and never used it. Make a list of your belongings and get rid of whatever you no longer need. Outgrown clothes, ugly décor, and replacement furniture are examples of items. Giving goods benefits the receiver and frees up room in your house. Remember, you probably won’t notice anything if you haven’t touched it in a while.

You may sell these excess goods online using sites like eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, and Craigslist if you have more time. You can earn additional money after taking images, writing detailed descriptions, and submitting adverts.

2. Have designated space for items

Having a defined location for stuff is the greatest method to keep your living room neat. Keep all your devices in one area, books on a shelf, and house plants in a corner, for example.

Having specific storage space for objects may make a significant impact. When things are spread over a room, it’s simple to lose them, and if you need something special but need help locating it, chances are it won’t be utilized. Designating places for objects provides them a home, making it simpler to keep and access them.

3. Use baskets or bins.

Containers and baskets are excellent organizers for creating beautiful spaces for your possessions. Since they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, baskets and bins may improve the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Put books, mail, toys, extra pillows, and so forth in baskets rather than strewn about. It’s a simple trick that pays off over time. Additionally, keep in mind to place anything you find while watching TV—including remote controls, coasters, and other items—into a single basket at night. You won’t have to seek these items when it’s time to turn off the television if you do it this way. Using baskets or other containers to organize your possessions makes them more accessible and saves time. Additionally, because they can be relocated to any area and used for a number of purposes, baskets, and bins are a great investment.

4. Adopt the one-in, one-out rule.

You should typically remove one old item of furniture or decoration for every new piece of décor you add to your living area. This rule may be applied to many objects, including books, clothing, and décor, and will keep your home from being overcrowded. Applying this rule may not seem required right now, but once you do, it will help you remain on track with your living room organizing efforts.

5. Switch out rugs, blankets, and such fabrics.

Replace old blankets, runners, and other items. These goods collect dust, filth, and strange scents over time. Aside from spills and stains, you may update your home by purchasing a new set of these goods. You may prolong their lives and usage by cleaning and maintaining them weekly at this time.

6. Invest in air fresheners and deodorizers.

Certain things in your living room stink if you’re anything like me. After a while, garbage cans, unclean clothes, and food scraps pail all start to smell. Make sure to empty your household’s garbage cans at least once every week if you have more than one. This avoids odors from gathering in one spot and improves the overall appearance of your home. Additionally, it’s essential to clean up spills as soon as possible since if liquids are left on surfaces for too long, they may seep into carpets or destroy floors permanently. Additionally, purchasing odor-removal products like air fresheners or deodorizers may be worthwhile.

7. Make cleaning fun!

Cleaning does not have to be a dreadful chore. When cleaning, dusting, or doing the dishes, listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, or anything else you like. Consequently, cleaning will be more enjoyable, and you will have more time for other things. Set a timer and make it a game to see if you can beat the clock.

8. Set aside time each day to clear the clutter.

Allocate time each day to clean and organize your home. Depending on your lifestyle and how often your room gets congested, this may take as little as five minutes or as much as an hour. On the other hand, keeping clutter under control will prevent it from building up and becoming a bigger issue than is necessary. Keeping the rest of your home clean is easier if there is less clutter in the living room.

9. Establish a cleaning routine.

You can keep your living room from becoming messy by following a plan and making cleaning an anticipated, regular event. Furthermore, cleaning together is an excellent method to connect with someone.

Engaging in a professional cleaning service is beneficial if you are often busy yet want to prioritize cleaning for your mental health and fitness. Because they concentrate on cleaning, our domestic cleaners understand how to treat your home. It will improve both your living environment and your overall quality of life!

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