What exactly is Escape on the 13th?

The Purpose

Give Utah’s most extraordinary escape room experience. Learn more.


Consider yourself and your friends, family, or coworkers in a realistic, themed sequence of rooms. With just 60 minutes to escape, you must work as a team to investigate your surroundings using logic, instinct, and critical thinking to identify secret tunnels, solve riddles, break codes, and unearth hidden secrets that will eventually lead to your Escape. Do you believe you’ve got what it takes?


Curse of Anubis

You’re an archaeologist investigating the shadowy corridors of a long-forgotten temple when a stone door shuts behind you. You glance around and see that you are not alone and that the bones of other lost explorers surround you. Can you solve the mysteries of this mysterious temple? The clock is ticking. Escape the Curse of Anubis before you become the owner of this tomb.


You are a merchant sailor who has been weakened and exhausted by a fierce battle with the famed Blackbeard and his crew! You’ve been imprisoned in the brig of his ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, and you’ll have to walk the plank in one hour. Will you be able to escape before falling into the depths with just the advice of a former prisoner and your wit?

Rogue Agent – Escape Room

You are an elite special forces agent seeking to prevent the NEXUS syndicate from creating new weapons. You must enter a secret facility with a defecting NEXUS spy, obtain information about their progress, and damage the facility. Can you stop NEXUS from executing its evil plan and escape before you are compromised?

Species Unknown [escape room]

(Caution: the room has bright, flashing lights and fog effects.) You and your Expedition 1 team have arrived at your research station on Ares, a livable planet. You have continued the age-old quest for evidence of alien life. An unusually smooth-shaped stone is among the most recent samples returned to the lab for examination. You and your team not only uncover the first foreign life, but you also struggle not to lose your own. There will be no rescue team; you will be on your own. Will you make it?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an escape game and a room?

Because an escape “room” at Escape on 13th is numerous rooms you are trying to escape from, they use the name Escape Game to represent a live escape room challenge. This is an improvement over many of the original escape room enterprises, which are limited to 60 minutes in a single room, where the word originated. So when they say escape game, they’re talking about their top-notch escape rooms, each of which has many chambers. Many chambers to explore and escape in one escape game!

​Can we pay when we arrive?

To book a reservation, you must pay in full. If they have availability, customers who come without a reservation (walk-ins) may make a reservation with them and pay when they arrive, but walk-ins cannot be guaranteed availability. This is why they strongly advise booking a reservation in advance.

How much time do they have in each ROOM/GAME?

You have 60 minutes to flee. Each party should come 15-20 minutes early for game prep and another 10 minutes after for a keepsake picture for roughly 90 minutes at Escape on the 13th.

What distinguishes Escape on the 13th?

Simply put, they specialize in immersive entertainment, which includes spectacular effects, magic/tech riddles, lighting, noises, a unique unified plot and gameplay, vintage objects, 360 themes, and the works! Getting engrossed in your part in the action of each of their rooms, like other top escape room experiences in the country, helps you escape rather than hinder your capacity to run; all gameplay makes sense and is in context. That being said, you won’t find the experiences they provide anyplace else. “It’s like starring in a movie!” said one of their customers. Finally, you will understand the Escape on 13th magic once you experience it yourself! ​

How many players may play at the same time in a GAME?

A game may have up to ten (10) participants playing simultaneously. Check the squad size for each game to see what is suggested. If your group is larger than the advised limit, they recommend breaking it into two smaller parties and making two bookings. They may make an exception for your game if you want to keep it intact.

What is the minimum age?

With a few exceptions, the suggested minimum age to play is eight (8) years old. Anyone accompanying you inside the room must pay a ticket. If any of your group members are between the ages of 8 and 15, an adult (18+) responsible for the minor(s) must be present at the facility during gameplay and sign their releases.

Is it frightening?

The term “scary” does not adequately characterize their rooms. They have thriller games that feature a jump scare, but the idea of escape games (being doomed until you escape) is inherently stressful. Don’t hesitate to contact them through text or phone if you have a specific problem. Their games are pleasant and engaging for practically everyone aged eight and above.

What happens if I arrive late?

Arrive 10-20 minutes before your planned game time. The game starts at the specified time. If you arrive late, you may be denied entry to the game. If you have reserved the whole game, you may opt to play, but every time you are late will be deducted from your 60 minutes of gameplay. 

They will try their best and make every effort to accommodate you as much as possible—much as possible without jeopardizing the experience of other clients.

What should I put on?

They encourage you to dress comfortably and loosely.

Where should we park?

Please park in their lot in front of Escape on the 13th.

What should I do if I don’t get my reservation?

There will be no reimbursements for no-shows.

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For more information, visit their website or call them at (385)200-1360